• Reservations must be made by phone.
  • Check-in time is after 3 PM.
  • Please call to arrange early or late check-in.
  • Check-out is 11 AM.
  • Cancellation policy is 7 days before check-in date.
  • All rooms are smoke free.*
  • Guests are welcome to smoke in our designated smoking gazebo.
  • Wi-Fi is available.
  • Land line telephone and messages are available in the office.
  • All major cell phone carriers provide service in our area.
  • Children must be under constant adult supervision.
  • Cooking in rooms is not permitted.*
  • Walk to restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Pets, with very well behaved owners, are welcome, with an addition of $25 per pet, per night.*

Pets must be:

  • Registered when placing a reservation and again upon arrival.
  • On hand held leash.
  • With you at all times.


*  Smoking, cooking and unregistered pets in the rooms will incur a deep-cleaning fee.

Quilcene Bay and Mount Walker